Swerve /// Verb - To move side to side

Swerve began as a small Canadian production company inspired by our deep passion for bass music. In 2018 Swerve hosted our first bass show in Saskatchewan. In early 2020 we got engaged, moved to Calgary and soon after expanded our company by launching a clothing label.

Swerve Supply Co. is a unisex brand focusing on aesthetic and comfort. Our products are designed to the finest of details choosing high end fleece lined fabrics in our sweatsuits, and durable lightweight materials for our jerseys. Quality is essential. Swerve clothing is perfect for lounging, camping, festivals, cold winters and even grocery runs. Our aim is to design clothing that can be worn year round by all. Encouraging comfortable fashion gives people the confidence to look good, feel good and do good everyday. 

 Music and clothing styles have a mutual dynamic creativity. Amidst our live events, our monthly mix series, featured instagram posts, our swervin’ gnome festival totem mascot, and so much more; Swerve is a community. We are breaking barriers of conformity by encouraging you to express yourself. Swerve will always aim to curate a safe space to explore, grow, feel, and make memories you will never forget. A vision constructed exclusively with you in mind, inspiring you is our mission. 


-Jayme & Alex at your Swervice